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Do you need a deposit to reserve the Photo Booth?
Yes.  We require a $200 deposit to book your event.  The remaining balance is due at least 7 days prior to the event. 

Is the Deposit refundable ?
Yes.  If we receive notice of cancellation at least 30 days prior to the event, we’ll absolutely give you a full refund.

Does the rental price include set up & delivery?
Our rental charge includes delivery, set up, breakdown, the onsite attendant, The only extra fees that will entail is if the location for your wedding or party is over 40 miles driving distance from West Covina 91790

Unexpected Fees ?
Extra fees will apply if the location of your event is over 40 miles away from West Covina 91790.  There will be a charge of$2.00 per mile.

Location Setup ?
We can set up our photo booth practically anywhere, as long as there is a flat surface and a power outlet. There are different methods of setting up our photo booth. The most popular photo booth setup will be the traditional enclosure, but we can also set up an "open air" photo booth that is a large backdrop to fit more people.

What areas do you cover ?
We cover almost all of Southern California. 

Can we come meet with you to go over the details and check out the Photo Booth ?
You can make an appointment to come to our office and we can go over the details.  We normally don’t have one of our booths setup for a demo. However, we can try to schedule one to come in for viewing. 

Is there an attendant with the Photo Booth for the entire time ?
Yes.  Our professional and friendly attendants stay with the photo booth to ensure it works properly and help guests with any questions.

How long does it take to set up the photo Booth ?
On an average about 15 minutes.  However, we will arrive about  30 minutes early to make sure we have plenty of time.

Can you do strips or different print layouts ?
Yes.  You can pick the style you like.

Do I get a copy of the images from the Photo Booth after the event ?
Yes!  Immediately after your event we will hand you a DVD with all the photos.

What is Candid photography ?
It is a photographer who is capturing your guest having a FUNtastic time.